Could someone read this for me


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Bianca da Silva answered

The writing on the card itself says the following:

That you’re stronger

Than any problem you encounter

Or any disappointment

Life will bring.

Thinking of you,

Believing in you,

Caring for you.

The very last sentence, the one right at the bottom, says;

I know you lost a part of yourself +

This last sentence was hand written on the card, probably by the sender. It seems as if the last sentence is cut off, so that is all I can tell you.

The card seems to reflect the senders condolences, which is common when something difficult happens in a person’s life. The reason it is more difficult to read is because it is written in cursive writing.

This sort of handwriting looks a lot more elegant, but to a non-english speaker, it can be very difficult to translate. I hope that helped.

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