What Is The Difference Between Kirigami And Origami?


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Kirigami and Origama are both Japanese paper art. It is similar to origami, but kirigami involves both folding and cutting paper into various shapes. Kiru means "cut" in Japanese and "gami" means paper. Origami only involves folding paper into various shapes. "Ori" means fold in Japanese. In Kirigami, the paper is folded to create a base. Then small cuts are made in the base. The base is then opened up and flatten out to form the shape of a figure. Many kirigamis appear to be snowflakes and are used for various ornaments and decorations. Cutting the paper is not allowed in origami. In origami, the shape or form is created by folding the paper in various ways. Both kirigami and origami are skills that many Japanese people take pride and honor in completing. Some people even sale their origami and kirigami in markets for an income. Both forms are very beautiful.

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