What are the names of the various kinds of poetry that exist?


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The ones I know are

Haiku-- a Japanese type of Poem, consisting of 3 lines, Line 1 is 5 syllables, line 2 is 7 syllables, line 3 is 5.

Acrostic--  very easy, the first letter of every line makes the word, or topic of the poem.

Cinquain -- an unrhyming poem with 5 lines. Line 1 is 2 syllables. Line 2 is 4 syllables, line 3 is 6, line 4 is 8, line 5 is 2.

Freeverse -- in my point of view, the easiest, because it has no set rules. It can be rhyming or not rhyming.

Limerick: Should be exaggerating. Has five lines, and rhymes. Should be aabba.

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