I am working in Search Engine Optimization field as a beginner. I want to read book for SEO. Anyone suggest me some good books?


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Please don't use Blurtit to generate sales leads. If you have SEO expertise to share, feel free to post an answer that will allow you to reach and help the max number of people here. Thanks :)
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it depends on the search engine. googl and baidu are different.
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Since you are a beginner in search engine optimization field, I would recommend to start working directly under the guidance of an SEO expert as there are no proper SEO books. There are online articles but they give you only the theoretical part.

Join a SEO company where you can work as trainee and you will be having a SEO team leader.

All the best Steve !!!

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As SEO trends and techniques keep changiing day by day, It's very hard to find a book that covers all the aspects and trends of SEO. Rather I would suggest some SEO blogs that help you master to SEO techniques. Here are some of them and the best ones:

  1. https://neilpatel.com/blog/
  2. https://searchengineland.com/library/channel/seo
  3. https://www.searchenginejournal.com/category/search-engine-optimization/
  4. https://searchenginewatch.com/category/seo/
  5. https://backlinko.com/
These blogs have the content to help you learn SEO from the scratch. Look for a SEO expert to mentor you so that you will learn quicker and get to know latest SEO trends.

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