What should my pen name be? I want to have a pen name because I want to write stories and books but I don't need everyone knowing who I am. I need help figuring out what name to have. The middle initial will be "B."


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I guess the good thing about a pen name is that it can literally be anything you like.

My advice would be to pick something memorable and catchy (being a successful author these days is as much about marketing as it is about being a good writer).

Perhaps choosing a name that means something personal to you might be an interesting idea?

When naming characters, I sometimes like taking the first name and last name of two personalities that I admire, and going with that.

Sometimes a name that fits in with the "image" of your writing might make sense... For example, if you were writing vampire novels, something that sounded mysterious or Victorian might be the way to go.

I also like clever references in names. Alluding to something in popular culture, history, or even another book.

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But fist I need to know if your a boy or a girl? So it would be easy to give u a pen name!

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