What's the most creative thing that you've done recently?


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Lia Tan answered

Okay, so in art class we always have to do art journals which we do in this little sketchbook each person made in the beginning of the year. So for my recent art journal, I drew an anime/manga girl with very realistic looking clothing and holding an umbrella out in the rain. I've never really drawn an umbrella before so it was an adventure for me. Usually my drawings are black, white, and grey. I don't usually add color to it, but this time I decided to put hints of color in certain spots, especially the umbrella, but left the rest of the drawing the way it was. It turned out really well and the colors popped out more as it was on top of a black, white, and grey setting. I think I'll be doing that more often from now on, just adding bits of color on my black, white, and grey drawings to make things pop out. Maybe it's not so creative, but I was stepping out of my comfort zone so I guess it was creative to me at least.

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If you want to try something really creative and fun try making a tie-dye t-shirt, you can easily find tutorials online.

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