What Is The Original Colour Of Post Boxes?


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Post boxes throughout the world are different colours, but they tend to be red, yellow, green or blue. In the United Kingdom, post boxes could be any colour up until 1859, although there is evidence that lettering was outlined in gold. In 1859, a bronze-green colour became standard. Red became the official colour for post boxes in the UK in 1874. In Guernsey, post boxes are blue.

In the United States, post boxes on the street are normally dark blue, which is the official colour of the United States Postal Service. Rural properties usually have 'mailboxes' which have a 'flag' attached to the side. A raised flag shows the mail deliverer that the box holds mail items to be picked up. Mailboxes are normally simple metal constructions in the United States. However, for the more eccentric, mailboxes are available in odd shapes - like a duck, a barn, or a bus.
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