Recommend a good book for me please I will read near enough every fiction book under the sun!! Please recommend and leave short summary NO SPOILERS please though.. Thanks xx?


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I don't know if you've ever heard of it, but I really love the book Vernon God Little by D.B.C Pierre.

It was published in 2003, and opens with a guy called Jesus Navarro who shoots 16 of his classmates and then himself in a small-town high school in Texas.

His best friend, Vernon, is also blamed - and the story is all about how Vernon deals with the crazy situation that follows.

I really like novel because the language is wild and free-flowing, and the plot was unpredictable and exciting.

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heyy i am also a major reader , i dont really have a genre because when i see something and it sounds interesting to me , im in , sadly i dont remeber the names of ALOTTT of good books , but if i see it i would recognise it , one good book is 'cinder'by marissa meyer thats one book i liked alot but i know i've seen more better ones but i hope you like it :)

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If you enjoy a good thriller, I highly recommend any of John Hart's novels. One of my favorite books by the author is entitled, "Down River."

Adam has a violent streak, and not without reason. As a boy, he saw things that no child should see, suffered wounds that cut to the core and scarred thin. The trauma left him passionate and misunderstood—a fighter. After being narrowly acquitted of a murder charge, Adam is hounded out of the only home he’s ever known, exiled for a sin he did not commit. For five long years he disappears, fades into the faceless gray of New York City. Now he’s back and nobody knows why, not his family or the cops, not the enemies he left behind.

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