Do you think it's possible to appreciate 'The Great Gatsby' (2013) as an adaptation of the Fitzgerald novel, or solely as a film in its own right (if at all)?


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I'd say that it was an adaptation of the book. Although the movie also had differences (like Nick's prologue and epilogue as an alcoholic trying to find peace), the similarities are too much for it to not be based on Fitzgerald's novel and dismiss it as a movie of its own.

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The original film is a lot like the book from what I remember. I did see the new film a few months ago when it came out and agree it should be "a film of its own". What I didn't like about the new movie was the soundtrack - the movie was supposed to take place in the 1920's, yet the movie featured songs you would hear if you were at a club in 2013. That really ruined a good portion of the movie, in my opinion.

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