Can guys wear ballet flats in public? If so, how do you recommend wearing them: With capris, skinny jeans, etc.? And what is your opinion?


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I see no reason not to. I recommend skinny jeans to go with them, probably of the same color as the flats. I don't, however, recommend sparkles or sequins on the flats or jeans. Wear a hoodie too, it will accent your fashion choice. I like guys to wear a wide variety of footwear and apparel because it helps them express themselves and many people find it attractive.
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Hi I am guy and wear flast very often as I found really comfortable and practical, in fact flats are slippers so everybody can wear them. I usually wear them with men straight leght jeans and a nice long sleeve men shirt and very few people notice or care about, ex denim shirt with blue navy straight leg jeans and black or brown or denim ballet flats reallly rocks.

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Absolutely! I wear flats all the time and am a guy. I find them to be the most comfortable shoes in my closet. I wear with jeans and shorts.

By the way, the shoes we call "ballet flats" today were once men's shoes in the middle ages.

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