Can Men Wear Ballet Flats?


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Technically, yes, but many would frown upon it. Essentially, ballet flats are women’s shoes. They are often used as casual footwear these days, but many people would see it as the same as a man wearing a dress. If you want to wear them, go for it. You have the right to wear what you want, and the right to be as individual as you want. If you feel comfortable in ballet flats, then nobody is stopping you from purchasing them and wearing them. After all, they’re a comfortable and casual type of shoe that generally don’t cost all that much.

If you usually wear women’s clothes, or you are a woman, then carry on reading. Wearing ballet flats can help your wardrobe massively, but remember to keep your look lean when you’re wearing them. Pencil skirts, along with straight-leg and boot-cunt trousers can look great with ballet flats, offering a smart and sophisticated image. These outfits create an elongated silhouette which is slimming and can add to your height.

Ballet flats can also be used in the office, if you can use them with a well-tailored work suit. This is generally advice for women, given that cross-dressing men would not wear these kind of clothes to work. If you’re going to wear the shoes wit h your wortk suit, then you need to keep them in a somewhat neutral colour so that the outfit remains office friendly.

You can also pair ballet flats with trousers that are the same colour, or are a similar colour to create a long and lean look. Wearing ballet flats with cropped trousers, bottoms with a short hemline or even capris will show off your ballet flats, whilst lengthening your leg at the same time.
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I wear ballet slippers a lot, especially in summer. I do wear them outside in public as they make great summer shoes and it gets the ladies excited.
I do not wear ballet flats as they are not My style. But if any man feels it is his style, then go for it.
Yes, men can wear ballet flats!
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Yes they can and do.
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Yes, they can if they want to. I wore ballet slippers when I danced. Now I have ballet flats as a "slipper" at home. They are very comfy. If men want to wear them out, yes - go for it!
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If they were made and designed for men they may start to grow. If a celeb started wearing them they would take off fast.
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Yes when me and my wife went out of the other day I wore ballet flays with a bow.  I worn them in the market, Rite Aide, a Gulf service station, McDonald's and another restaruant.  Men worn them centries ago, so why not now!
I love shoes, I wear pumps too!
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Men can wear anything they like. Same for women. That's the beauty of individuality. Maybe you wonder if they SHOULD? 
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I'm a guy and I wear ballet flats most of the time when I dress
casually.  Wear them in public all the time.  My choice is just plain
brown or black flats.  It is seldom that anyone notices, but I don't
care if they do!  I go for comfort!

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I am also a guy and wear ballet flats very often, for me flats are slippers so everybody can wear them, they are really practical, easy to slip on, really comfortable shoesand they match great with any outfit and you have a vast variety of colours, shapes and price range. In my experience very few people notice or care about what you are wearing and as other of the poster said I also go for comfort.So you can and you should wear them don't care about other people's opinion.

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I loved ballet flats so much that as a boy, I personally asked my parents to buy me a pair.  I just could not resist not having a pair.  They are just so comfortable to wear.  When my girlfriend bought a new pair and accidentally left her old pair at my house, I took advantage of that and wore them.  Although they wear damp from her sweat, I could not believe my own bare feet were in them.  Her toes had made deep marks, and since I am the same size as her, They fit me very well and they were so comfortable.  My girlfriend let me keep her own black flats.  From that day on she encouraged me to wear them more often.  She loves me in her flats now.  I hope this true story that happened to me will encourage everyone to wear ballet flats because they are just so comfortable.

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I am guy and wear bow ballet flats in many colours that match great all my men clothes, flats are more comfortable, practical , easy to wear shoes and less expensive than men shoes, for me is like wearing slippers all day long.

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