Who Is Your Favorite Law And Order Character?


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Larry Patterson answered
I am a novice so go easy on me.  We just started taping reruns of L & O, Criminal Intent.  The big guy and the blond.

The big dude fakes these people out so beautifully.  We watched one last night where he was in a lady's house whom he suspected, and she was a Chinese art collector and he kept bending over looking at objects and knocking others over with his butt, making her very nervous and more likely to talk I guess.

He also sticks his nose right up to people and smells their neck to see if he smells anything suspicious, swirls around and comes at them from the other side.  He reminds me of MONK, just a different approach. Great show.
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Kathryn Crook
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I agree Gorm (sp?) is the best in CI by far. Do you know his 'in your face' approach was sorta a fluke the producers/director used as an advantage? It's his acting style and it plays in perfectly with his character!
Cara B
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Did you know he was Private Pyle (gomer) in Full Metal Jacket that killed himself?
Larry Patterson
Larry Patterson commented
I did not know that but it sounds familiar. I watched one last night. He had a guy that was always trying to impress beautiful women. They hauled he guy in and he demanded a lawyer. They had a male and a female lawyer that were in the building. They asked him if wanted to pick one as his lawyer and he didn't speak up, so Goran picked the male for him and he refused the male lawyer and picked the female which is the one Goran wanted him to have in the first place. He's a mental chess player.
carol washington Profile
My favorite character is lenny, he passed on recently in real life. Lenny was one of the detectives, he was also a recovering alcoholic.
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Caleb Iamlegend answered
I like just Law and Order.My favorite character is the white detective guy.I don't know his name.That is a hard question to answer because I do like all the characters on that show.Keep asking question like this.Their great questions.-Iamlegend
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I love Law and Order SVU best- and think Mariska Hargatay is fabulous and so pretty!  An Meloni (forgot the 1st name) is good too.

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