Why Is Superman Better Than Batman?


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It's a matter of preference. Superman is really the 1st super hero and he's invincible.Batman is a close 2nd and he's become a mysterious figure. They both appeal too many fans.
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I've always liked Batman better. He represents something that we can all strive towards; a man overcoming a great tragedy to rise above it. His superpowers are his wit, his will, and his grit. Superman represents something unachievable; and unreachable plateau of power and being. He is what we will never be. And as others have argued before me, Batman's alter ego is that of Bruce Wayne, whereas Clark Kent's alter-ego is Superman.
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Superman is often considered better than Batman to those biased because Superman has supernatural abilities like x-ray vision, super strength, and the ability to fly, whereas Batman has to use high-powered, expensive gadgets to come anywhere close to the feats Superman can accomplish. Without money, Batman is just a human who can die just like any other human.

Superman, on the other hand, is vulnerable only to Kryptonite. Aside from that, he is practically unpenetrable.
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Superman can fly and can't be killed with bullets or bombs
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Batman doesnt need to worry about losing his powers. Everything about him is human skill and he takes on foes so much cleverer, diobolical and powerful than superman, where as if superman is faced with Kryptonyt or if theres a eclipse (the yellow sun gives him his powers) then he is gunna be useless...supermans powers are to easily stripped for him to be the better hero. Plus batman is linked to the joker...the best villian, character in comic,book,game and movie history. In my opinion ;)
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Cause superman, is from outerspace, and he is stronger than any human  - batman on the other hand is human and relies on gadgets, no super powers
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They are both awesome but it seems as if they are opposites. Superman has powers beyond all and batman has no powers. He uses his batmans way cooler=)

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