What Are The Sales Promotion Strategies Used For Textiles?


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Conducting games to customers
free gifts
offer price
buy one and get one free
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When it comes to sales, promotional activities are mandatory to enhance sales. Reward programs and discount programs are most common promotional strategies among various industries. Various loyalty solutions are used by the industries that boost sales as well as holding their old customers. Most retailers believes this could increase customer retention.

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Sales promotion refers to the process of influencing the buying decisions of consumers and customers. Thus it involves a range of activities like advertising, discount, demonstrations and free samples. Sales promotion requires the manufacture to communicate, persuade and motivate people with a motive to influence their tastes and choices. This process is undertaken to improve sales of the product.

Every industry nowadays indulges in sales promotion techniques, particularly the textile industry. There are several ways of promoting sales. Some of them are ramp shows with models wearing those fabrics or dresses. Another method is advertising through all forms of media like television, press and other techniques. It is also done through word of mouth where one loyalist of a particular brand endorses it to others. Nowadays there is the trend of roping in famous and powerful personalities to endorse various brands. Thus it practices aggressive sales promotion tactics.

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