Which Country Is The Leading Producer Of Textiles And Clothing In The World?


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China is the leading producer of textiles and clothing in the world as well as being the largest exporter of textile and clothing commodities. Textile and clothing goods are produced on a mass scale with more than 6 million workers the maximum in the world employed by the industry in both the formal and informal sectors. The total share of China in the global clothing market is estimated to be over 15 % and is expected to grow still further thanks to an effective government policy.

The Chinese manufacturing sector has in the recent past evolved extensively using various measures and the large man power available along with low production costs and has channeled the changing scenario in the international market characterized more and more by increased globalization to its benefit with the textile and clothing industry being the best example. The major clothing items are cotton goods as well as woolen and silk items; socks, T shirts, knit shirts, trousers, sweaters and dresses being the popular ones.

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