What's Your Favourite Story? It Can Be Fictional Or Non-fictional.


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One of my favourite stories involves the Healer and the Ten Thieves. A man called Ike was a blue colour worker and couldn't afford the fancy life but got by. He had a son of whom he was very proud but before long, the young boy got sick and became deathly ill.

Fearing the death of his son, Ike went to the most famous healer in their town and begged for help. Although Ike couldn't afford much, the Healer agreed to help. That night the Healer went up to Heaven's Gate to see if he could bring the boy back. However, he found that the gates were locked shut.

He returned to Ike and told him there was nothing he could do. Ike broke down and begged the healer for help. The healer didn't know what he could do, but went home to think. On the way home, the healer saw a policeman investigating a crime and suddenly the healer had a great idea. The healer went about the town looking for the worst criminals in the city. He recruited them one by one to come to his house.

In the morning, the Healer was wakened by Ike thanking him and praising God. The Healer smiled and pointed at the thieves and criminals sleeping in his house. Ike didn't understand but was just so happy. The Healer had found that he couldn't break into heaven, but finding himself the most expert men to do the job, he sought their help and brought the boy back to his father.
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Mine is not a favourite story but a novel whose character I love very much which was nearer to my nature. That is "The Stranger" by 'Albert Camus'. You can get it in detail by clicking on my personal link 'my character' on my user page.
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During my nurse training i came across a man of 99 years of age. A happy man who had never before spent a single day in a hospital in his life. When asked by the doctors how he was doing he would smile and simply say 99%. Now ,this man had been admitted for routine tests as he had passed a little blood in his urine. All the tests were clear and it was a simple urinary tract infection. As it was late afternoon on friday and no one was available to pick him up until monday he agreed to stay until then.
I was of duty that weekend so in case he was away home before i started my shift on monday afternoon, i went to wish him good luck. He held my hand with a firm grip and smiled at me while i spoke. Then he started to thank me for looking after him. But i noticed a slight change in his facial expression. He kept on singing my praises to the point of embarrassment. I reminded him that i still might get to see him on monday. Again he firmly shook my hand and as i started to walk away he shouted after me ,god bless you paddy. As i put my coat on and started to head of home, i felt the goosebumps raising on the back of my neck.
Monday lunchtime i was on my way to the office, but i made a left turn and headed for his room. The bed was stripped and there was nothing of his left in the room. I knew i probably had just missed him, but something kept turning over in my head about our last conversation. As i reached the office, my charge nurse met me at the door. He informed me that he had passed away in his sleep the night before.
To this day i am convinced that he knew something neither the doctors or his own family knew. He knew he was not going home alive.

This is a true story and it impacted on me greatly.
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I have a lot of favorite stories. Here's one:
This was one of those little children's picture books, it's called "Five Pennies To Spend". A boy is sent to the market by his mother to get some bread. She also gives him five pennies to spend on whatever he would like. As he walks to the market, he thinks about all the treats he could get for himself (this was a long time ago).

Along the way, he meets five different animals, each of whom tells the boy of something that they need.

When the boy gets to the market, he buys the bread, then goes to the candy counter and looks at all the wonderful treats, trying to decide which one to pick.

As he's thinking about it, he remembers each of the animals and the things that they wanted or needed. He ends up spending one penny for each animal. On the way back home, he gives all the animals their treats and finds that he is very happy.

When he arrives home, he gives his mother the bag with the bread. In the bottom of the bag, she finds a big lollypop with a note from the storekeeper attached: "For a good boy."

This story really meant something to me when I was little. The idea of sacrificing for others is appealing to me. Now when I think about the story as an adult, I see the lollypop as a symbol of the rewards we enjoy when we help others. When I was a kid, I just saw it as a lollypop.
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I love the Harry Potter books as well Order of the Phoenix is by far my favorite, when i little though i really enjoyed the chronicles of Narina (the lion the witch and the wardrobe). The best book i've read lately though and probably my new favorite is the vampire trilogy by nora roberts Morgan's Cross, Dance of the Gods and Silent Valley. It's about a sorcerer from the way way past in Ireland who comes to present day new york in search of his brother Cian who was bitten by the now queen vampire Lilith and has to form an army to defeat her or all humanity will be lost to the vampires. He meets up with his brother, a witch, a scholar, and shape-shifter and a warrior. All three books are totally different but still follow the same path and it all leads up to this huge war vampires vs. Humans. So good.
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"Reindeer Moon" by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. It is a story about a tribe of people, just barely out of the stone age, told from the point of view of a young girl. She and her sister become orphaned when their mother dies in childbirth and her father later dies after a hunting incident. They survive and are later re-united with their tribe. I won't spoil it by going into any more detail. There is a follow-up book called "The Animal Wife".
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When I was very young my mother would tell me a little story, " the little train that could"-the essence being;-as the little train chugged slowly up the hill it was puffing-IthinkIcan,Ithinkican,I think I can, until it reached the top,then it began puffing, as it went over the top- thought I could, thoughticould,thoughticould!-MORAL-never give up---Has served me well for many years.
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Any love story that ends in happly ever after.for example (The Notebook.
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i love that story too. are you referring to the book, movie or both? if you haven't read the book yet you have to it is so good, although i honestly think the movie is better but you should still read it. either way if you liked the notebook you should read other books by nicholas sparks, "a walk to remember", "the gaurdian", "the rescue", there's a lot more. oh "the wedding" is the sequal to "the notebook" you should check that out.
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  I remember my favourite story which my grandmother tells me in my Childhood and this story consist of a Prince and a Princess and the story name is "A happy Journey" and now when I remember my childhood I also remember this story because this is "My favourite story."
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I like the story "great expectations" by charles dickens, Dark corner by Brandon Massey and The God Don't Like Ugly stories by Mary Monroe. Pretty good books. I highly recommend.
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A walk to remember, hp series, eragon, hoot, ummmmmmmmm, that's all that comes to mind at the moment...
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i love "a walk to remember" and harry potter rocks! haven't heard of the other though.
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I really love harry potter # 7. The deathly hallows. Anothe one is the storm thief. You should try and read them
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Have you read the "His Dark Materials" trilogy? That's another good series. The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass.
helen baillie-gutteridge
Absolutely, Nanny. I cried when she had to leave pan behind when she went to see the harpies.

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