What Is The Value Of Dickens' Shorter Stories, Aldine Edition, 1893 Book?


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Some research will help you to know the value of your 1893 edition Dickens book. You can start on the Internet. Some example search terms that should lead you on the way are: 'rare / antiquarian / Dickens books'. There are websites that are devoted to antique book collectors that may be able to provide some information. Also, Internet auction sites may have similar items for sale and give you a clue of your book's value.

You can also look at book stores for guides on valuing books. Many book stores have websites so you can shop online.

Another way to assess the value of your book is to take it to a books appraiser. Finding a knowledgeable appraiser will give you the most accurate idea of what your book is worth. You can find contact details for appraisers on the Internet and in your phone book. An appraisal may be free. Describing your book over the phone could be enough for the appraiser to give you advice.

After you receive an appraisal, you can always get a second (or third) opinion. That way, you will able to make an informed judgement about your book's value.

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