Can You Think Of Something Funny That Happened And You Still Laugh When You Think Of It?


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This might be one of those "you had to be there" moments, but it happened in 1989 and my mom still get teary eyed from laughing so hard when we talk of it.  We were at church at a Thanksgiving Eve service,  Another church was providing the music and other ministers were there to pray, speak etc.  Our church was actually just the host.  ANyway, the organins kept hitting sour notes, the music director wore this robe with sleeves so huge that when he directed it looked as if he were about to take flight.  The choir was awful- everything was really off.  My mom an I are in the 2nd row, trying to stifle our giggles.  Then a man sitting on the front row tried to run up the stairs to the stage to pray and tripped and fell flat on his face.  Mom and I began to giggle more.  After he prayed, more things went on, and another man went up to the stage and fell down too!  More giggles from us.  THen the final straw was a guy up in the choir loft was going to say the final prayer, and while he was trying to exit the 3rd row of the choir, he fell out of the choir loft!  By that time mom and I were just about to die, we were laughing so hard and trying to be inconspicuous about  it.  There is nothing like being at church, getting a case of the giggles and trying hard not to laugh.  But it truly was a comedy of errors.
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Oh I tell you it was the funniest thing, and we were so tickled by it, that we could not contain ourselves. And we still laugh til w cry when we talk about it. Of course we kind of felt guilty laughing so hard on the 2nd row of church the night before Thanksgiving! We had looked over and saw that we weren't the only ones laughing, to later find out those people were laughing at us! THey knew we were trying to not laugh and couldn't stop and they got tickled over that! It was great!
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I don't know if people will understand the humour in this as it touches on religion. While working as a nurse in northern ireland, a woman had just started on the ward. It was during the worst of the troubles and we catholics had to face a lot of discrimination at the time. However, we all got on well in the workplace and humour on religious subjects was taken in good faith. While I was introducing her to the other staff and patients on the ward which was for severely mentally handicapped individuals, I decided to use a bit of wit and sarcastic humour to make her feel more at ease with us. With tongue in cheek, I pointed out to her the fact that although they were all severely handicapped mentally that the catholic ones in the ward were more capable than the protestant ones. I knew she was a protestant because in conversation she had mentioned being married and divorced three times. She listened quite intently while I explained with my serious face that there was a good reason for this. I explained that this is because catholics in schools have to work harder and get more qualifications inorder to get on in a protestant run society. I expected a laugh or a retort but I had not allowed for her gullability. I was then called away and I completely forgot what I had been saying.  about one month later, I had moved wards and I was in the staff canteen at lunch time. Suddenly I heard pearls of wisdom being uttered from the next table. It was the woman who had just started as a care assistant. She was talking to a new student nurse and was explaining to her in great detail as to why catholic patients were more intelligent than protestant ones. It was the look on the students face of shock and disbelief that made me loose it . It took me some time to recover my composure before I could tell my friends at the table what had happened. I just couldn't believe that she bought it, and I wondered how many others she had told the same story to.  there is a lesson in there somewhere don't you think. :)
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That was funny,but that goes to show you people just don't get it so,I guess when you say something you must always say just a joke,or it will get spread pretty wildly around and everyone will look at you.Thanks
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My Mom and I were walking to the car on a snow laden Icy in some spots day,coming from the pharmacy,I was suppose to be helping her,we were walking slowly and carefully,I lost her and did not realize until she yelled for me and it seems she was still falling I looked back in time to see her hit the ground on her bottom and bounced,all I could do was bend over and nearly die with tears running down my face I could not even help her at that point,when I finally got it together I helped her up and asked was she hurt but did I laugh and once I got her situated we both laughed and still do,when we talk about it.....   
NASSY NASCARNUT answered Grandpa put up a tire tree swing for me & I was having a blast...then all of a sudden  I fell on my caboose [Grandpa's pomeranian puppy broke my fall] we both lived & I was unscathed tho the pup was scared of me after♥Nassy
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Yea today is saturday I am so tired when I woke up this morning I thought it was friday and got ready to go to work. My girlfriend said what the bloody hell are you doing? Oops!
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Thanks very good,I got a chuckle out of that.......
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Were not you relieved when you realized it was Saturday?
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I was a member of a local country band with some of my best friends in the world. The bass player was kind of large to say the least and he shows up to a show one night with an American Eagle shirt on that only said 1975 on the front. I waited until the club was full, around 800-1000 people, and grabbed the mike. I said,"Ryan, I think its great that you had a shirt made to tell everyone you new weight after losing all of those pounds." Ryan replied, it's not my weight, it's the year you started going grey". For some reason everyone got a big kick out of his response including myself.
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I have many to share, but let me share the funniest one loll.
Me and my colleagues went to a hill station ooty in India, where it is cold all year. We reached there by 8 P.M, all my colleagues had drinks (like beer and rum), one person was so over drunk that he vomitted in the room after having dinner. By that time everybody were fast asleep. I was the only Bakra (scape goat) who had to clean the room loll. W8, the story is not over yet loll. After cleaning the room, I didn't have space to sleep, I did'nt have blanket to cover myself, all the night I was shivering because of severe cold.
That was the day when I felt sorry for not having drinks loll. Even know I regret for not taking it on that day.
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Yep. I went into a busy store one day and while I was walking around looking at things, I stepped back and bumped into someone. I turned around and apologised only to find it was a store dummy. I got some very strange looks. Yeah...woe is me!

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