Which Poet Said "I Woke One Morning To Find Myself Famous"?


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Lord Byron (George Gordon, seventh Baron) wrote these words after his first literary success: the publication of Cantos I and II of his epic poem "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage" in 1812. Before that, Byron's work had not been well received, and he spent much of his time travelling around Europe, where he found inspiration for Childe Harold and many of his later works.
Byron was now the most sought-after man in London. However, he soon became notorious for the scandals associated with him; in particular, a very public affair with Lady Caroline Lamb, and persistent (and almost certainly true) rumours of incest with his half-sister. He continued to be a prolific writer, producing "The Bride of Abydos," "The Corsair" and "The Giaour" in rapid succession; but popular as these poems were, public outrage at Byron's behaviour was increasing. In 1816, after a brief, disastrous marriage to Annabella Milbanke, he left England and never returned. He wrote his greatest poem, "Don Juan" while living in Italy, and died in Greece, where he was helping with the uprising against Turkish rule, in 1824.

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