Who Wrote The 'Wishing Chair' Series?


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The Wishing Chair series was written by Enid Blyton. The series consists of three novels, and the first one was published in 1937.

  • The first book in the series is called The Wishing-Chair. It explores the adventures of two children named Peter and Mollie, who stumble upon a magic chair in an antiques shop. The children use the chair - which can fly - to escape from the fairies who own the shop. After they escape, the children keep the chair, and use it to embark upon a number of adventures.
  • This book is called The Wishing-Chair Again. It was published in 1950, and follows the children on an adventure to get the magic chair back after a giant steals it. They have to save the poor chair after its wings are removed!
  • The third book was published in 2000, and is actually just a compilation of short Wishing-Chair stories that Enid Blyton wrote before her death. This installment is called More Wishing-Chair Stories, and continues the adventures of the two main children, Mollie and Peter. The story also features other characters from the original novels.
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