What Is The Story Of The Elves And The Shoemaker?


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In this simple folk tale, collected by the Brothers Grimm, a poor shoemaker has only enough money to buy leather to make one last pair of shoes, and if these don't sell he will have nothing at all. He and his wife go to bed hungry, leaving the leather and other materials in his workroom. In the morning they find the leather has been made into a beautiful pair of shoes, which the shoemaker sells for such a good price that he is able to buy material fro two more pairs – and next morning, two more pairs are made. This goes on until one night the couple keep watch, and see a family of tiny naked elves busily making the shoes. After this, they leave out food for the elves, the shoemaker makes them some tiny shoes and his wife sews them some clothes. The grateful elves make more shoes than ever, and they all live happily together ever after.

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