I Was Recently Cast As Mrs.Mayor In Seussical. Any Advice? How Big Is The Part? Songs I'm In? Anything You Can Tell Me Would Be Appreciated!


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Hi! I Just got Cast as Mrs. Mayor in Seussical too!!! Your In the songs, "Here on who" , "Solla Salew", And "the people vrs. Horton". And of course everyone is in "Oh the thinks you can think". "How to raise a child" is your Big Song with Mr. Mayor. It's Not a Huge Part but it is a Lead :)

I have seen the role played in many different ways. She can be Sweet, ditsy, or I have even seen a Kind of weird manly character. Haha :D I Personally think the Ditsy type of Character is the funniest which is why I am taking that approach :)
I hope you have a fantastic time doing the show :)
-Mrs. Mayor :D

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