How Old Do You Have To Be To Start Ballet If You Want To Become A Professional Ballerina?


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To become a professional ballet dancer you should start at the age of 7 but no later then 11. A pre-professional ballet student studies an a major ballet academy affiliated with a ballet company like SAB (for NYCB) or JKO (for ABT.) They take 20-30 hours of class a week and by age 17 they are asked to apprentice with the company. After a year they are asked to join the corps de ballet, or are let go. Another option would be to study at a major ballet academy that is not affiliated with a company such as the Harid Conservatory or CPYB. You then audition for the ballet company's school at age 16 and learn their repertoire for a year before being made an apprentice.Hope that helped
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Any age from 2 to about 10 if you want to be a proper proffesional because I started at age 2 and a half and I have done grade 1 grade2 grade 3 grade 4 grade 5 grade 6 and I am halfway through advance and trying to get ready for intermediate I think that is what it is called)
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Ohhhh i started at 11 but i got onto pointe at 13 and im intermediate now would i still have a chance of becoming a professional?
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Not really true. "Real" ballet training cannot start until the body is able to do the positions. That would be around 7 years of age. Most professionals start at 7-11 years of age for girls but there has been some exceptions. In very rare cases girls as late as 13 and boys can start much later. Rudolph Nureyev started at 17.
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Sure of course if your intermediate and on pointe you have a chance but you'd have to sacrifice a lot of your time into training and stuff
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Around about 9, but you can start before or after. Also you have to go to a really good school and train basically every day of the week.

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