Who Was George Eliot And Why Was She So Ugly?


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George Eliot was an English writer who was born in 1819. She passed away in 1880. Her real name was Marian Evan, and she would become one of the foremost novelists of the nineteenth century; her best known work is 'Silas Marner'.

When she was ten years old, she said, "I don't like to play with children. I like to talk to grown up people." Behind this comment was a young girl who was not very popular with her classmates. They called her, "little mama." Although she was an excellent student, Marian was a serious child and not terribly attractive.

She had a very large fleshy nose, a prominent chin, a full lower lip, dull complexion, and dark, clinging hair. As an adult, she wrote, "When I was quite a little child I could not be satisfied with the things around me; I was constantly living in a world of my own creation, and was quite contented to have no companions that I might be left to my own musings and imagining scenes in which I was chief actress."

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