What Is A Theme Of The Young Man And The Sea?


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The theme of the book "The Young Man and the Sea" is an introduction to the new generation, teaching them about the quality of hope it takes to achieve something that they have been waiting for a long time. The book seeks to create a simple metaphor for life, revolving around the action of fishing. The quest of Skiff (central character) to raise the broken boat 'The Mary Rose' and then to catch a Blue Fin fish, after the death of his mother, the only motive of skiff is to achieve a peaceful and happy life for his father, who has become an alcoholic after the death of his wife.

'The Young Man and the Sea" was written by Philbrick, Rodman. It was published on the Blue Sky Press in the year 2004 in New York, the book comprises of 191 pages and the grade level given to the book is around 6 – 12.

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