Chapter 3 summary of heroes by robert cormier?


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'Heroes', a fictional novel by famous author Robert Cormier, is known to have been inspired by the D-day landings and the 50th anniversary remembrance celebration in its name and all it stood for. Places where Cormier was brought up are thought to have inspired loosely-based towns and cities within the book and also the main central protagonist is roughly the same age as Cormier was when D-day actually happened over 60 years ago. It is thus speculated that this novel is somewhat cathartic to Cormier and reveals his inner feelings towards those fateful days through a fictional character.

• What chapter three is about in the novel

The chapter is opened with a stark simile to convey how forlorn and anonymous the character feels at this point: "I feel like a spy in disguise as I walk the streets of Frenchtown." It also echoes the image of Francis' mission from earlier chapters, as though it will play some relevance in these next pages. Literature references are made and provide more detail about Francis' personality.

However this can be seen as comparisons made about Cormier when he was at Francis' age and the author's way of expressing himself through the story. It is soon made known that Francis is eating "only to survive", and that verb makes it very clear that Francis feels that all control has been lost, along with hope. Possibly the most vivid imagery comes from the dreams that Francis has about wars in France which spans over 3 pages.

It goes against the conventional depiction of war being heroic by portraying war in a gruesome, disturbing matter. He compares himself to the actions of German soldiers in a manner so descriptive that it seems real. He remarks that a "grenade blew my face away", which opens up more questions about what happened to him but the single sentence leaves it on a cliffhanger. The last line shows how ironic Francis finds himself: "Ignore it all, I tell myself, and count your blessings." This shows the lack of pity he has for himself at this point and further conveys his determination in his mission.

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