I have a euro-pro 9106 sewing machine I cannot get bobbin threat to feed up It has worked for ever no problems?


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You will need to have your machine looked at by someone qualified in sewing machine repairs.

  • Mechanical equipment doesn't last forever!
Even extremely reliable equipment can sometimes go wrong. If you cannot get the bobbin to feed up, it may be time to service your 9106 or replace some parts. Your question makes it sound as though you have owned it for quite some time - when was the last time you replaced any parts or did some general maintenance? All mechanical equipment can, and eventually will, fail at some stage in its life. This is due to its very nature - constantly moving parts wear out due to friction, especially when they are not regularly lubricated.
  • What to do if your machine is not under warranty:
If it is out of its warranty period, your best course of action will be to have your sewing machine looked at by an expert. If there are any bespoke tailors or textile shops in your area, you may want to take it to them for it to be looked at. Whilst they may not be qualified to make repairs, it is likely that people working in these places will have many years of experience and may be able to spot a problem you have overlooked. With some luck, it may even be something simple and easy to fix! Failing that, use Euro-pro's website to find a number or email address so that you can contact someone qualified to make repairs to your machine in your territory.

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