Can you give me 3 important items out of the novel Tangerine?


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'Tangerine' by Edward Bloor is a highly successful and popular book for young teens. Not only is it a book that has attracted thousands of fans but it has also been used in schools as a text to study.

This is because of the many important issues that book raises and which can be related to by its many readers. Because of this, there have been study aids written about it and you can find them here on the Internet. You can find one such site here:

  • Tangerine
This was Edward Bloor's debut novel and was immediately successful. It addresses many things that are important to young people today but without 'bashing them over the head with them'.

The novel follows 13 year old Paul who moves home, state and school with his family, including his brother of whom he is frightened. Paul is 'legally blind' because of some incident or other that happened when he was very young and he sees the world through thick glasses.

Paul's Mom reckons that the reason he cannot see is because when he was five he spent too long looking at a solar eclipse.

The novel follows this family and the revelation of the secrets that are exposed including the real reason why Paul has lost his sight.

  • Edward Bloor
Edward Bloor is an ex school teacher who moved into educational publishing and, after reading many books aimed at teens, decided that he could do it too. Four books later and he has proved that he can.

Bloor is married and has a son and a daughter. He was greatly influenced by what he saw as the decimation of some of Orlando's orchards and the income they generated for local people in the face of consumerism and progress. These issues are detailed in his books.

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