Sample letter for requesting for study leave?


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A sample letter for requesting study leave is as follows:

(Your address)

Dear employer,
I am writing to request study leave in order to prepare for my upcoming examinations in (state qualification exams). I would like to be on leave from (given date) to (given date), after which time my examinations will be complete. I hope you consider my request fully and see that the leave will benefit my preparation efforts.
Yours sincerely,

(your name)
(your department)
  • Requesting study leave
If you are currently in employment, but are also in the process of taking examinations, it may be necessary in the weeks before your exams to take study leave, in order to be fully prepared. If your examinations are relevant to your current job position, it is likely your request for leave will be granted. Otherwise, you may have to manage your revision around your job position - an employer will only approve leave if it is set to benefit the business or organization in the long run.

  • Working and studying a complimentary qualification
Many people in their early years of employment opt to work and study simultaneously. This allows individuals to gain qualifications that will be beneficial in the future whilst earning a wage. In these economic times, finding a job can be difficult and it is important to be not only qualified, but have work experience. Both these factors together can make a CV very strong and will offer a much higher chance of a job being obtained. A number of colleges and universities offer part time courses that can be fitted around a job. Alternatively, you could look for a type of apprenticeship that combines working with studying.
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To   date :12.2.10
the principal
x y z
  I am student of class third .I wish for two days leave.
  Kindly grant me leave for two days .
  Thanking you.

  Yours obediently
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I am in the situation to go to attend  my relatives marriage. So I need leave for two days. Kindly grant me leave.
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I am going to Bangalore on the 17th of April for short term study for 3 months and I will my duty after 3 months.So kindly accept my petition
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I samkelwe would like 2 apply for a sudy leave to go and study medicine for a period of 5 years.
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He have in the situation to go to his sister he need leave for two days.Kindly grand leave 16/02/10 and17/02/10. Thanking you

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