Which Is More Reliable, Books Or The Internet?


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As a general rule, books are a more trustworthy source than the Internet –but that doesn’t mean that the Internet can’t be reliable too!

Why Isn’t The Internet As Reliable As A Book? The main reason that the Internet is less reliable than a book is because anybody can upload something to the internet. Online, you can say something without backing it up, whereas if you make a claim in a reference book, you have to be able to state your source.

Websites like Wikipedia allow anyone to make a contribution, and so there’s no telling how reliable they are – for all you know, somebody could have completely made the information up!

How To Tell If A Website Is Reliable Usually, if they cite their sources, there’s a good chance that the information is correct. If there are spelling and grammar errors, or the tone of the page doesn’t sound very professional, then you should think carefully before trusting it.

Company websites – or websites for things such as museums, art galleries and university research departments – pretty much have to be accurate, because they depend on people taking them seriously. Trust your judgement: If the website doesn’t seem as reliable as a book, it probably isn’t!
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I think books are more reliable, because anyone can write something up and then upload it on some website, but it takes much more hard work to publish an entire book. You need to do research, proof-read it and of course get it published and that needs money.

Only people who are serious enough to do actual research on a topic, or when they are confident that the book is worth all the efforts, only then they think about publishing. It is much easier to just copy and paste someone else’s work and hide your real identity on the internet, which people don’t usually do in books.

But in the end the authenticity depends on the writer not the medium, if the information is given by a credible source, even if it's on the internet, it has the same trustworthiness.
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For me, the Internet wil never replace books. Books are always written correct, they are edited and literated.The information containing in the books is censured and approved, that is why I believe more, and memorize as well, what is written in a book.

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