What are the function of sales letter?


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A letter, which is written that to sell the goods or services. It is written in the way of the reader to persuade that what you are trying to sell whom he needs. Some products like books, magazines, rugs, furniture, clothing, medicines are directly sold to the consumers by means of letters. The letters are sent to carefully selected consumers along with illustrated circulars, reply cards, order forms and reply envelops. Instead of doing the entire selling business by mail, sales letter are also written to solicit enquiries, which are followed by further letters of information, telephone or personal call.

Many enquiries are unsought. Many enquiries are the result of sales letters and advertisements in newspapers and magazines. In response to these enquiries, form letters and printed material are sent by as a follow up. Letters may be used to arouse interest in customers so that they may visit the store to buy. Sales letter may be used to build up goodwill by thanking customers for their patronage, extending the season's greetings announcing new conveniences or services. They aim at cultivating relationships that lead indirectly to sales.

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