Sample Application Letter For Leaving Certificate Saying That The Distance Between Home And College Is Too Long?


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A leaving certificate is usually a formal document, so it should ideally be presented on letterhead.  Although you wish to convey that the distance between home and college is too far, you should still format your certificate as usual meaning that it should have the subject's full name, date of birth, date of admission, grade at admission and grade upon completion, and reason for leaving.  If your reason for leaving is distance, then you can add this here.  If this is not your reason for leaving, add this on at the end of the above information.  You should also have the head or principal of the school sign your certificate.
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It may be hard to find a sample letter for such a specific topic. Basically you could say something like this:

Dear [Principal's name],
I would like to request a leaving certificate from [date]. I regret that I am no longer able to attend the course as I am finding it impossible to manage the travel times and costs; at a distance of [number of miles] from my home, it is no longer practicable for me to travel to the college.

Many thanks for your assistance.

Something like that.

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