All Of The Following Represent The Philosophy Espoused In Peter Senge's Landmark Book, The Fifth Discipline, Except?


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The philosophy behind Peter Senge's book, The Fifth Discipline, is interesting and diverse. It includes the idea that the best solutions are not usually the most obvious, as well as the principle that people within an organization must change their perception of their position within the company in order for it to be more successful.

Peter Senge also underlined the fact that small changes could have surprisingly big results and actions are rarely closely followed by all of their consequences. The above question is difficult to answer as it is not in its complete form; however, there are a number of elements that do not represent the philosophy behind The Fifth Discipline, including:

• The idea that the establishment of a hierarchy automatically means the broad use of power by those higher up in the hierarchy.
Of course, hierarchies must be constructed in order for a company to function. However, Peter Senge illustrated that those who 'abuse' their power higher up in the hierarchy than others can cause negative effects. Workers lower down the company hierarchy feel undervalued and unmotivated. This leads to an overall demise in the productiveness of workers.

• The principle that you 'get out what you put in'.
In the Fifth Discipline, it is claimed the way in which things are done is more important than the amount of effort put in. For instance, imagine carrying a ton of bricks from one end of a playing field to another. Carrying out this task by hand would require significantly more effort than doing the job using a forklift. However, the same end result is produced.

• The idea that the way a problem is handled does not matter, so long as the problem itself is eliminated. Peter Senge says in his book that 'the cure is often worse than the disease'. Solving one problem using certain means can cause another, greater problem.
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Fifth discipline

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