What Are The Two Classifications Of Arts?


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These two classifications are classical and contemporary art.

Classical art, or classicism, refers to a particular high regard for classical antiquity, as setting a state for taste. The art of classicism generally attempts to be formal and restrained. It is more traditional and is very much considered more 'normal'. Often when people think of art they immediately think of paintings like the Mona Lisa. This legendary piece is the perfect example of classical art. Classical art focuses primarily on the actual appearance of an object. A painting should look like a painting, it should look like what it is intended to be, and the works are generally commended on how realistic they may look. In this sense, classical art may often be associated largely with realism.

Classicism is a force which of often times found within post-medieval European traditions, though, some periods were associated more with classical ideas than others.

Contemporary art is more open to interpretation, and can also be defined as art that is produced either from now onwards, or from after World War II. Many people would associate contemporary art with the avant garde, however, which includes conceptual forms of art. Contemporary art can have art pieces that range from smashed up pianos, to giant jigsaws painted the color of the sky. Artists like Marcel DuChamp and Warhol have made modern art what it is today, providing fantastic pieces over the last century to be added to the world collection of contemporary art.

Despite being completely different, the two forms of art have overlapped in the past, however. Art is not a definite thing, and is always open to interpretation. Many artists have attempted to cross over the two, by taking classical design and putting it at the center of their modern art pieces.

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