How Do I Thread A Huskylock 535D Serger And How Can I Find The Illistrated Manual


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Follow the colored prompts on the machine to thread it.  The under looper is the hardest one to thread.  did you find a manual?  If not, I can copy mine and send it to you.  It doesn't demonstrate how to thread the machine, but has a lot of other helpful information.

DH Smith

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Rendy, I have been unable to find a manual for my Huskylock 535D and would like to know if you would mind sending me a copy. I can thread it, but I don't know what everything else does. Having issues with the stitches.
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Hi Rendy

Do you still have a manual for the Huskylock 535D?

I am looking for one.


Carol Wilson
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It is so nice of you to offer a copy of manual. It is too much to ask you but I have huskylock 535D but I don't have the manual. Could I have one copy?
I have one other question. I lost the small wire to thread right behind the lower looper. Would you know where I can get it? I don't even know the name of the part. Thank you.
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I am looking for an all-purpose needle plate for a Huskylock serger model 535D. If anyone has this piece and would like to sell it please contact me.
Lacey 513-240-3241

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