Where Can I Read Runaway By Meg Cabot Online For Free On A Pdf File?


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  • Where to read Runaway by Meg Cabot
You can read Runaway by Meg Cabot online for free at www.onread.com. This is not a pdf file but an example of the book with pages that can be turned.

  • About onread.com
The website states that you can read the entire book online but on turning a lot of pages it will state that the website is busy and you could buy the book for $1.99. This message will then disappear and you can carry on reading the book.

Onread.com is a website where you can read a huge variety of books in either text format, fb2, rtf, pdf, epub or pdb or you can read it online for free. If you would like to download the book, membership to the site is extremely reasonable and often makes it quicker and easier to read the book. You will have access to a huge variety of books both old and new and from many different genres.
  • About Runaway by Meg Cabot
Runaway by Meg Cabot follows the journey of Em Watts who had a brain transplant into someone else's body and is being held prisoner by Brandon Stark. The story is a huge web of lies, deceit, trickery and secrets that revolves around the Stark corporation family fortune and a huge secret regarding the brain transplant operation. 

Runaway is part of a series and the first book was called 'Airhead: Runaway' and the second called 'Airhead: Being Nikki'. The target audience for the book is teenage girls and they are extremely popular with this age group, particularly the first of the series. 'Airhead' follows the story of the supermodel, Nikki , who appears perfect on the outside but what people do not know is that Nikki was actually given a brain transplant and it is Em Watts inside her body.

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