I Need A Quick Introduction To A School Assembly Which I Am Hosting I Want It To Be Somewhat Funny But To The Point?


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Good morning the warriors of (write your school's name)

I give you all a warn and hearty welcome to today's morning assembly.

Each sunset gives us one day less to live but each sunrise gives us one chance to live better and grab all the possible opportunities we can have. It teaches us to seize the moment and make it memorable.

Good morning to one and all present here. I am (write your name) standing here right in front of you gladly presenting today's assembly to you.

I hope you all are ready for today's fight over the studies and excel it.

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We're all happy to postpone the usual indoctrinations for this assembly today, but an agenda is still at play - so with out further adeu.
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The thing is no one likes this assembly thing
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What's it about if I may ask? I'm trying to understand an assembly people wouldn't be somewhat happy to attend

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