Do Cheerleaders Wear Panties?


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If you've ever been to a football game or a pep-rally, you may have noticed that cheerleaders often perform moves that show off what they've got underneath their skirts.

Most cheerleaders wear briefs called 'bloomers' or 'spankies', and these are designed to be worn over regular underwear.

Cheerleader underwear
I used to cheer for my local high school, and I'm pretty certain that if anyone ever performed a routine without underwear on, they'd end up being the laughing-stock of the school.

They'd also run the risk of being kicked off the team by the coach!

If you just take a second to think about all the moves that a cheerleader performs during a routine, you can surely see the problems that not wearing underwear would cause.

Just think about what doing a 'pyramid' would be like if the person on top wasn't wearing underwear!

What panties do cheerleaders wear?
If you're watching a cheerleader performance expecting to catch a glimpse of the girls' private parts every time they perform a high-kick, you'll be disappointed!

Most cheerleaders wear stretchy briefs called bloomers or spankies, and these are purposely designed to protect a girl's modesty.

SO, rather than not wearing panties - most cheerleaders actually wear two pairs!

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