What Did Robbin Hood Live In? And What Did He Actually Wear?


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No such person. He is a legendary hero who battled against the sheriff of nottingham while the sheriffs brother, king john was away to the crusades. Thatched huts with warm clothing .animal furs etc would have been the most likely choice of clothing of the period. Traditionally, he and his merry men wore lincoln green garments supposedly to blend in with the greenery they lived among in sherwood forest.
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I have been to the Sherwood forest and it is really cool. There are caves built right into the limestone cliffs0hills and that is where many of the poor lived. The limestone is very soft and easily scraped away to make large caverns inside the mountains. They had tanning vats for their animal skins and probably wore a lot of that, maybe some rough linen, type stuff or rough woven fabrics of the day.
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If there were a real Robin Hood , and he lived at the time the story says he did He would have probably had to sleep in a tent or hutlike home. He would have not worn the tights and cape you see in the movies but rather something more practical and protective like animal skins or leather.
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Bifmeister is right, I do think that he and his men would have literally lived in the hills so as to be better hidden from the sheriff though, no tents or huts. Hope this helps.

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