Can You Explain This Quote? A First Impression Is A Lasting One.


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It means that when someone thinks about another person, they usually access the first memory in their data banks of that person. Which would be their first impression of that person.  =]
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Don't you think the person would have to have met this person at one time or another in order to get a impression? You don't get a impression of someone you don't know,Huh all in love but so others can get a clear understanding.....Thanks
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Sure it means that when a person first meets someone if you are not your usual self that person will always remember that first time.
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Sometimes when a person done something stupid or genius it all depends on the other person's perception and how they received this perception on that person will leave a lasting impression on you.
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It means that as humans we tend to size people up in 5 minutes or less based on our past experiences. So when you first see a person, you size them up and there is nothing to do to change that moment in another persons mind.
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It means when you first meat someone for the first time don't be rude don't dress in riped torn and stained cloths

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