How To Write Admission Letter To School?


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The purpose of writing an admissions letter to a school, regardless of age group, which has not been specified in this question, is to attain a place in that particular school. There is some difference in the way to approach the admissions letter depending on whether the student is entering first grade or if the application is for a highly sought after college placement, and all situations in between and beyond.

Children, in general don't tend to have any previous academic background and so no real means of comparison of their academic capabilities to other children. A parent's status in cases of social mobility, religion and/or their financial standing can have a bearing on acceptance, and it would be churlish to suggest that if you score highly in any of those areas with your particular target school, you shouldn't take advantage of that fact.

If your child doesn't fall into any of those categories then it does no harm to praise any accomplishments, a little stroking of the school's ego can go a long way. Offer admiration of the school's previous reputation and educational performance scores, this will let the school know you have done your research and more importantly, chose them. Finally highlight other relevant areas such as the distance from home or any siblings going to the school.

For older students, while flattery of the school should not be neglected, keep it subtle. The focus is very much upon what you have to offer the school, so approach it very much like you would a covering letter for a job application; highlight your strengths, your ambition and your academic prowess so that they know, by accepting a candidate of your quality, the school will continue to uphold the reputation that attracted you to apply in the first place.

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