What Is A Good Idea For A Love Story?


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Here are three ideas for an O.K story.
1. A prince who falls in love with a beautiful girl that everyone wants to kill. I love dangerous romances.
2. A girl who is forced into an arranged marriage, but has always secretly loved another guy. (preferably a guy named Cedric).
3.A beautiful girl who works her way up the ladder of success, finally getting wear she always dreamed of getting, only to realize that the one thing she truly wanted (a guy she loved) was marrying another woman.
Altar these as you like, but I think that there pretty good.
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I have always thought that a great love story should start at the beginning. What about 2 childhood friends. They have always been friends and one might move away after a few years. They would lose touch with each other only to meet up again later in life, when they are all grown up?
Just an idea.
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Write about 2 people who fall in love but they are not allowed to. You can write about there struggle of trying to see each other.

you could be any one you like. This a creative one.

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How about a man going across the country saving kids from slave buyers.
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you are my friend and all but no i don't like the whole piece of history kind of writing but i would love to read about about it no that i think about it that is a very good idea
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I meant in the modern day sense of slave buying to sell in other countries like labor, and sick men who like kids. But I like this history angle real well!
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 according to my view of better love story co-ordination and sequence of scenes is warranted otherwise story will be limped. There should not be uncertain arrival on characters.all minor and major characters should be given their due share.
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what are you talking about????? i asked for and idea for a story not what a live story is wel now that i read it again it kinda does make sense thank you!!!
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i have told you how to develop a story and its requirements.i think you have got good ideas earlier and arrangement of story is also necessary.that's why i have suggested you this

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