Where Can I Read 'Dear John' Online For Free?


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To read Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks, for free online you can visit websites, such as and These websites are basically  online libraries where you can search up any books, by the title of the book or by the name of the author, and read them on the internet or download them on to your computer to read later. However these websites might not have the book you want, but there are other ways of reading the book for free. One way is to go to your local library and borrow the book for free for a short period of time. Another method of reading your chosen book for free would be to purchase an eBook, such as the Amazon Kindle; Ebooks usually comes with a large library of books, with a good amount free, however if your chosen book is not downloadable for free and requires a purchase, the cost will be cheaper than a paperback or hardback copy. Ebooks uses e-ink which is more comfortable for reading that an LCD screen, therefore you would probably be able to read for longer on a eBook than on a computer. If you can't afford an eBook, but you've already got an iDevice, such as an iPod touch, you can download Apple's iBooks app. This app will let you download books from Apple's library to read on your iDevice, additionally you can download the Amazon Kindle app, which is similar to the iBooks app, but it has a larger collection of books available. The Amazon Kindle app is also available for devices running on the Android operating system.

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