Which Of The Following Statements About Financial Planning Is True? A. Only Large Corporations Require A Financial Planner. B. Small Businesses Require A Bookkeeper. C. All Businesses Require A Bookkeeper. D. Financial Planning Is Unnecessary For Bus


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All businesses require a bookkeeper. If a business did not have a bookkeeper then the business would soon lose control of finances and become unable to provide the product and service that they have promised to their consumer. Financial planning is not something that is necessary for just large businesses, but instead is necessary for all business to survive in the current economic climate, and to survive competition.

Without sufficient financial planning, a business will soon descend into chaos. Different parts of the business will not know what is being spent, and soon enough the funds will be used. But do remember that financial planning does not just include the management of funds within a business, instead it also focuses on the amount of money that the business is expects to bring in over a given amount of time. This is why a business must always keep balance sheets, and ensure that budgeting occurs throughout the year.

Budgeting means that a business is able to manage precisely the amount of money that is leaving its bank accounts, and how much it expects to bring in over a period of time. By using this kind of financial planning, a business will be able to know precisely how much they can afford to actually spend, and whether or not they are going to be able to repay a loan that they may take out from the bank, thanks to their sensible predictions of the amount of money that they are soon to receive in income. So financial planning will always be necessary, no matter the size of a business.

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