What Is The Function Of A Bookkeeper?


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As a bookkeeper you keep track of all incoming & outgoing $$$. Thanks the most basic answer, but it depends on the type of business. You are also usually responsible for creating comprehensive financial reports to let the "higher ups" know where the money is being used. It helps them decide where to make cut backs if needed, and lets them know what their bottom line is.
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Bookkeeper's functions

1. Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
• Completion of the monthly bookkeeping function to trial balance.
  The Accounts Clerk function
• Debtors Clerk function
• Supplier statement reconciliation - Creditors Clerk function
• Inventory systems and bank statement reconciliation
2. Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns
• Payroll Clerk function from a bookkeeping perspective including calculation of
  PAYE/SDL/UIF remuneration and the monthly EMP deductions and completion of    
  the  monthly EMP201 returns
•   Completion of annual IRP 5, IRP 6 and IT 3a documents, IRP 501 and VAT201 return  
  using both the manual submission system and E-Filing.
3.   Computerised Bookkeeping
•   Which is essential for the Bookkeeper to be able to complete the monthly
  bookkeeping function on a computer. Competence in Microsoft Office and a  
  Computerised Accounting Package.
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