Where Can I Find The Twilight Saga New Moon Board Game Rules?


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Its kind of a boring game and IMPOSSIBLE to beat. The game is having a lot of problems with missing instructions in boxes but I got lucky. I personally myself got it this Christmas and its very hard to figure out so I HIGHLY suggest asking them to exchange it for one with instructions but if you must know:

Quick start instructions
1.Choose a crest and place it in either of the Start spaces. On your turn, roll one die and move your Cullen Crest along the path the number of spaces you rolled. Follow any directions on the space you landed on. Most spaces tell you to draw a Twilight card ( which is the pic of a dagger on the corner ). The player to your left always draws the card and reads it to you.
2.Most of the twilight cards will challenge you to do an activity which is the white dagger. Or answer a question which is the red dagger about the move. Choose the color dagger that matches the space the player is on. If you get it right, you get the number scene card you are on. If you win a scene 3 card you get a bella card and if you win a scene 7 card, you get an Edward card. There are 8 different scene cards. You must collect Scenes 1-7, the Bella card, and the Edward card before you can collect scene 8.
3.Be the first to collect the Bella card, edward card, and the scenes 1-8 cards to win.
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Check on rules.com I don't know if its still there but I found tons of rules on how to play lots of different games
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My copy came with instructions but I don't know if I lost them or if it didn't come with them, I'm missing 5 question cards. I looked them up online and found 2, but it's a pain in the butt because te numbers between the online pictures and mine are different >.< So I can't just check the card number to see if I ahve it or not, I have to go through and look a the titles. Anyone know what to do about that one?
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Here is another with no game rules enclosed. And it's Christmas game time, no less.
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Nope, not in the box.  My New Moon game didn't come with instructions either.  Unbelievable!
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LOL I got the instructions in the box but lost them after I read them... I don't know what to do wen you get to scene 8 now  haha
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Purchased "New Moon" board game about 6 months ago... We finally opened it to play and yes...you guessed it, no instructions! Hopefully, Cardinal will send us instructions on how to play the game.

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