How To Perform In Voice And Accent Round?


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There is no particular way in which to perform during the voice and accent round of a job interview. This is because only the employer will really know what sort of voice and accent they are looking for. All you can do in this section of the interview is be yourself and speak with your own natural accent.

The voice and accent round in interview is often used by employers who are looking for public speakers or telephone operators. The intention of the voice and accent round is to try and discover what potential employees voice sounds like and if it fits what they are looking for.

This section of the interview tends to differ from employer to employer, but normally it breaks down into the following sections:
  • Self-introduction: The person being interviewed says some things about themselves.
  • Topic presentation: The person being interviewed speaks continuously about a topic for a small period of time.
  • Question and answer: The person being interviewed answers a series of questions.
It can be assumed that employers looking to conduct voice and accent rounds in interviews are looking for someone with a relatively neutral speaking voice. This is particularly important for call centers, as they require their employees to come across clear and precise over the phone.

Although you should make sure that you are using your natural speaking voice, you should look to be as well-pronounced and precise as you can. This will do nothing only help your performance in the interview.

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