I Need Help With My Brooklyn Accent! Can You Help?


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Watch the movie my cousin vinny over and over again....learn the words..(it works I'm italian/american -true italian- so I always lived in queens/brooklyn and wanted one I tryed it and it worked.. Take some advice from marisa tomei lol (inside joke) anyway you can also learn like saying  words like this:  Three- tree...what up?- wuh-dup?...-brooklyn- bruewklyn.....true italian- trew italiean..calamari- (again jus using common words)..galama...I CAN USE A BROOKLYN ACCENT AND MY REGULAR ACCENT WITH THIS TRICK....try it...
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Since I figure video would help more than explaining the accent here is a video clip of Brooklyn -accent.        Video.aol.com/video-detail/Rachel-and-Danielle-go-Brooklyn/980442096
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I suggest you watch something like cagney and lacey, where the characters have strong ny accents. Hopefully you'll be able to pick up the dialect this way

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