How Much Is The October Morn Worth By Robert Wood?


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Though it does clearly state on the official Robert Wood website (, the painting of the October Morn is likely to be a copy, and therefore worth very little, the site does however provide an appraisal and authentication system.  This service includes a letter of appraisal a complete description and an enlargement of your photograph stamped and signed on the back by a Robert Wood official. Paintings can usually be appraised and authenticated from high quality digital images (ideally of at least 2 megabytes) of the face of the painting, the signature and the back of the canvas or board - or of course examined in person. A complete written appraisal or authentication is $150, which is around £92.40.

Robert Wood is a famous American landscape artist and has enjoyed this occupation for more than 60 years.  It has often been considered that Robert Wood’s paintings are a tribute to the rapidly vanishing wilderness and pristine seashores. Whether it was a marine painting depicting Pt. Lobos, a landscape showing Texas bluebonnets in full bloom, or a view of the Rocky Mountains, Wood handled each of these varied subjects with equal facility.

Robert W. Wood was born in Sandgate, England, near the famous white cliffs of Dover, on the coast of Kent. His father, W. L. Wood, was a Victorian painter and Robert Wood displayed a facility for art at an early age. As a young man, he studied painting in nearby Folkstone. After service in the Royal Army, Wood and his friend, Claude Waters, immigrated to America. It is after a brief occupation as a farm hand and few menial painting jobs, that Wood’s rapidly became one of America’s best loved landscape artists.
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According to the site, "October Morn" is very likely a reproduction and therefore has little to no collector value.

Please see the above site for more information, including appraisals and gallery of works.

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