What Is Research According To Different Authors?


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However the word research is defined, the meaning is the same. The word 'research' quite simply means searching and investigating to gather information, to help improve your knowledge. However, there are many different types of research and different ways of researching.

You will hear the word 'research' used in different areas, one of the more common types of research is market research, this is generally used in sales and marketing. For example, if a new product is being launched onto the market, this could be anything from a newly invented electrical gadget to a new flavor of crisps, a group of researchers will usually approach members of the public to hopefully get their honest and unbiased opinion, this may be done either by telephone or maybe just simply stopping people in the street.

Some larger businesses will hire a team of market researchers to do the job for them but smaller companies will prefer to do it themselves. You may see market researchers in supermarkets promoting a new line. They will invite you to sample this product. They rely purely on the public's honesty and integrity.

Survey research is similar to market research but is performed with a much larger audience; an example of this is an opinion poll in national newspapers, questionnaires or telephone surveys. These surveys provide information for many kinds of research fields such as psychology, health professionals, and sociology.

Students will often have to research for their coursework, this will involve searching websites or visiting libraries to gathering as much information as they can.

Research can typically fall into two distinct types: Primary research, which is looking for new data and secondary research which involves collating data that already exists.

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